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Job descriptions

Lawn Maintenance


Typical weekly duties include (but not limited to): Scheduling (both Excel and a specialty program); reviewing schedules; coordinating with crews regarding questions; writing up lawn maintenance work orders; ordering supplies; performing call lists for services; setting up contracts; responding to customer/employee questions/concerns; answering phones; general scans; etc.  Compensation will be based on your skills and experience.

For this position, we are looking for the following abilities/characteristics:

- Ability to proficiently use a computer and it's programs Strive for accuracy/correctness in every task

- Ability to be interrupted during a task and be able to come back to the task at a later time

- Willingness to help customers/fellow employees when they call or walk in the door

- Conduct routine weekly tasks on a consistent basis without having to be reminded

- Comfortable with technology and learning new software

- Proficient typing skills

- Strong time management skills

- Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines

- Maintain records in accordance with current templates

- Be able to prepare documents and emails that are free of misspelled words and are grammatically correct

- Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

- Strong attention to detail Efficient (once the position is learned)

- Strive for correctness in every aspect of your job

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Ability to maintain confidential information

- Superb listening skills

- Team player, willingness to engage in a variety of activities

- Exceedingly well organized

- Adapts well to changing environments


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